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UI/UX Design

We see digital platforms as a creative discipline whether it’s about UX/UI, web design (網站設計), web development, mobile app design development, we make use of the most innovative and groundbreaking solutions to bring sophisticated digital platforms to life. 


POMELO-Photo editor App

Meitu China

Pomelo App initially was just a Camera App with a wide and diverse range of filters, working with their creative team, Creative Bloks has supported the Meitu team in making Pomelo App a high-end Photo editing app with more professional filters than before.


Resource Cube-Website

Resource Cube 

Resource cube is a direct signage B2B business entity that provides solutions for clients in having their brands be seen through signage solutions in Asia. Having major accounts under their services, Creative Bloks redesigned their website in meeting the standards and professionalism it represents and what they mean to potential and current clients.

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